Our Programs

 Pune Children’s Zone's programs support children right through their ‘womb to work’ spectrum.
Womb to Work
Core objectives Programs
0 - 3 years
Facilitate and ensure that early years developmental milestones are met and a child is ready for school at the age of 3 School readiness programs
Paalakshala - Building positive parenting skills
Infant/toddler health and well-being
Vocational and livelihood training for parents
Health and financial literacy camp for parents
4 - 12 years
Ensuring holistic development of all children by direct school support and wrap around services LD and special needs center
School development program
HM trainings and support
Cluster teacher trainings and meetings
Medical support for critical illness
Counseling services
13 - 16 years
Providing youth development and wrap around services to ensure college readiness Financial literacy
Counseling services for Juvenile offenders
Career readiness programs
Vocational training for young adults
Medical camps
Sexuality, safe practices, health and hygiene
17 - 21 years
Providing services to build career readiness Access to career camps
Skill building workshops
Counseling services
Our Work So Far: Paalakshala

Our Work So Far

Paalakshala – Paalakshala is a program that aims to build positive and responsive parenting skills in parents whose children are still under the age of 3 years. This is a forty hour program conducted over 8 weeks and involves parents to envision their child’s future, understand child development, realize their role in building a secure attachment with their child and action-plan for all of this. We have conducted 2 batches of Paalakshala and have worked with 38 families through that. We have built partnerships with Sonawane Maternity home – a government run hospital, L.I.C of India and Canara Bank to conduct medical and financial literacy camps for the enrolled parents.
School Development Program
School Development Program – Through the School development Program we impacted schools in the Peth and Yerwada community areas of Pune. The purpose of the program is to build capacity and empower local government schools to be able to provide a high quality holistic education to their students. We worked with the Principals of these schools to help them create goals for the year and then conducted workshops to help them action plan and achieve those goals.


The Program will begin in April, 2018 from the Bhawani Peth area of Pune. In year 1 – Pune children’s Zone will focus operations in 1 community area (4 Peths) along with other smaller communities ( Patil Estate, Gul Tekdi etc) and roll out the different programs gradually through the year. We aspire to directly impact 800 families through PaalakShaala and 25 schools through our School Development Program in the year 2018-19.

As the core belief of the program focuses on the ‘womb to work’ approach, it is critical that we roll out programs simultaneously. The key focus in the first year will be on the 0-3 years age group with Paalak Shaala being the flagship program and the 4-12 years age group with the School Development Program being the most critical one.

As the nature of our work is to build understanding, skills and most importantly shift mindsets – we are aware that the expected impact will take time. Therefore impact metrics for year 1 will be focussed more on reach, exposure and early signs of change. We hope to see greater and deeper impact in the years to come. In the first few years many children that we work with will have come to us at different age groups. We aspire to impact them in meaningful ways and change the experiences they have in school and at home. For children who are starting with us in the 0-3 year age group- we aspire to remarkably change their life outcomes as they reach early twenties.

We have strategically decided to begin operations in one major community area and with positive signs of impact hope to scale operations to more communities in the years to come.
In 5 years

In 5 years

In 5 years, we hope to impact 10 major community areas of Pune. We will be running all our programs that complete the ‘womb to work’ trajectory for a child. We will be directly impacting over 5000 families and 100 schools in 5 years and then work towards reaching out to all community areas and all children in Pune over the 5 years after that. During this time we will continue to learn and deepen our impact in all the communities that we are working in.